Research driven by parents for parents

The Chromosome 6 research project is being conducted by the Department of Genetics, University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands. Part of the project is directly funded in natura by the department, which allows its employees to work on the project or to supervise this work.

External funding is being obtained via crowd funding (see: the chromosome 6 research facebook page) and we also received a grant from the Dutch medical science research organization ZonMw towards staff costs in 2015.

Thank you!
We are very grateful to all the people who have made donations to this project. We will acknowledge our sponsors on the Thank you! page.

But, as always, we cannot continue our work without your help. The speed of our progress is directly linked to the time we can spend on the chromosome 6 research project. And it is quite simply, more funding means more people can be actively involved in the project. We hope that our dream will come true: an interactive website where all parents can find information tailored as exactly as possible to the chromosome 6 aberration found in their child, including information on what they can expect in the future and advice on clinical follow-up and treatment.

Read more about the Chromome 6 Research Project finances in the financial reports. Financial Report Chromosome 6 Research Project 2015
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