Template letter

You can use this template letter to request a copy of the array result form the geneticist or paediatrician.  You can copy and paste this template to a word processor and adjust it to your situation.


 Dr. <name>


<Place >

 About :                  

<name>, <DOB>

Request for information

 Dear Dr. <name>,

My son/daughter <name>, born <DOB>, has been diagnosed by you with a chromosome 6 disorder.

Recently, an international initiative was started by the chromosome 6 Facebook group to collect and analyse data from as many individuals as possible with a chromosome 6 disorder. This project is coordinated by a research group in the Netherlands in collaboration with Unique. Information about this project can be found at www.chromosome6.org

We would like to participate in this project, and for this we need a copy of the array result for our son/daughter. Can you please send that to us?

Please respond within two weeks of receiving this letter, if possible, or let me know if you cannot be of help.

Please send the copy of the detailed chromosome analysis to:

<your address>

An envelope with this address is enclosed.


Kind regards,





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